Quick Answer: Why Was Hershey Chocolate Invented?

The process to create Hershey’s chocolate was invented by Milton Snavely Hershey, who in the late 1880’s wanted to create a new type of caramel.

Milton previously learned when working in a candy shop how to create a soft caramel that was made with milk, and found it to be an improvement over its competition.

Why was Hershey invented?

Excited by the potential of milk chocolate, which at that time was a luxury product, Hershey was determined to develop a formula for milk chocolate and market and sell it to the American public. Through trial and error, he created his own formula for milk chocolate. The first Hershey bar was produced in 1900.

Why did Milton Hershey decide to produce chocolate?

Hershey was determined to find a new formula that would allow him to mass-produce and mass-distribute milk chocolate candy. In 1900, he sold the Lancaster Caramel Company for an astonishing $1 million.

What is the history of Hershey chocolate?

The Hershey Company traces its origins to the 1880s, when Milton S. Hershey founded the Lancaster Caramel Company in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. After seeing German-made chocolate-processing machinery at the World’s Columbian Exposition of 1893 in Chicago, Hershey decided to go into the chocolate business.

When was Hershey chocolate invented?

February 9, 1894, Derry Township, PA

How did Kitty Hershey die?


Why are kisses called Kisses?

While it’s not known exactly how KISSES got their name, it is a popular theory that the candy was named for the sound or motion of the chocolate being deposited during the manufacturing process. Hershey’s has been planting their chocolaty kisses on the collective lips of America since 1907.

Who invented Hershey chocolate?

Milton S. Hershey

How did Milton S Hershey die?


Does the Hershey family still own the company?

It was founded by Milton S. Hershey in 1894 as the Hershey Chocolate Company, a subsidiary of his Lancaster Caramel Company. The Hershey Trust Company owns a minority stake, but retains a majority of the voting power within the company. In addition, Hershey is a member of the World Cocoa Foundation.

Where did Hershey chocolate originate?

Derry Township, Pennsylvania, United States

Why is Hershey named Hershey?

By 1905, just two years after the opening of the factory, Derry Church was renamed Hershey, Pennsylvania in honor of the founder. By the time the stock market crashed in 1929, he had a reputation to uphold.

How long has Hershey Chocolate been around?

125 years (February 9, 1894)