Question: Why Does Chocolate Make Me Feel High?

One chemical found in abundance in raw chocolate is tryptophan, a neurotransmitter which creates serotonin, the feel-good chemical that courses through our blood.

(Other “high” inducing foods endowed with tryptophan, are dates and bananas.) And while chocolate is making you happy, it’s also nourishing your cells.

Can chocolate make you high?

Snorting chocolate will get you high — but doctors advise against it. Snorting Coco Loko will produce a euphoric effect that can last up to 60 minutes, its creator says. Chocolate is a remarkably effective emotional panacea that has proven to offer a host of physical benefits, too. Yes, snorted.

Why do we feel good after eating chocolate?

One chemical that causes the release of serotonin into the brain is tryptophan, found in (wait for it!) chocolate. Finally, eating chocolate releases endorphins into the brain. Endorphins are known to decrease levels of both stress and pain.

Does chocolate make you feel love?

Phenylethylalanine. Promotes feelings of attraction, excitement and nervousness and is associated with the initial euphoria of falling in love. It has also been isolated in chocolate. This chemical also acts as an anti-depressant by combining with dopamine that is naturally present in the brain.

What do you feel when you eat chocolate?

Your Mood Improves

That warm, content, full, peaceful feeling you get after a piece of chocolate is thanks to the brain hormones chocolate triggers. Yes, you guessed it — consumption of chocolate releases endorphins which set off a series of feel good sensations.