Question: Who Makes The Best Chocolate In The World?

Here are seven countries that make the best chocolate.

  • Belgium. You can’t go to Belgium and not go to a chocolate shop – there are more than 2,000 throughout the country!
  • Switzerland. Even if you haven’t been to Switzerland, you’ve probably had Swiss chocolate.
  • Ecuador.
  • United Kingdom.
  • Ivory Coast.
  • Italy.
  • United States.

What is the world’s best chocolate brand?

Here are some of the best chocolate brands, created to serve those with epicurean taste.

  1. Teuscher. Named the Best Chocolate in the World by National Geographic Magazine, Teuscher delivers a divine chocolate experience resulting from years of chocolate passion and tradition.
  2. Richart.
  3. Valrhona.

Where does the best chocolate in the world come from?

When you think of amazing chocolate, you may automatically think of Switzerland or Belgium. You’d be surprised to know that some of the best chocolate in the world comes from Ecuador. In Ecuador, a small country bordered by Colombia and Peru, farmers are proud to say they produce “black gold.”

Who Makes World’s Finest Chocolate?

The founder of World’s Finest® Chocolate, Edmond Opler Sr., established an honorable reputation for his brand through developing unique blends of premium chocolates, with the highest-quality ingredients.