Question: What Is The Difference Between Baking Chips And Chocolate Chips?

Use baking chocolate bars instead of chips.

Chocolate chips have less cocoa butter in them so they keep their shape during baking, making them more difficult to melt and they have less flavor than bars.

Can you eat baking chocolate chips?

Consider a just-out-of-the-oven cookie made with chips. The chips are soft and shiny, but still maintain their perfect chip shape. That’s thanks to stabilizers and preservatives. Although there’s (probably) no harm in eating them, stabilizers compromise the flavor of the chocolate and give it a waxy texture.

Can I use baking chocolate instead of chips?

When a recipe calls for chocolate (not “cocoa” and not “chocolate chips”) the recipe is referring to baking chocolate. It’s not referring to chocolate chips. It’s bitter and therefore used in recipes with added sugar. While “baking chocolate” is unsweetened chocolate, you can use other chocolate varieties in baking.

How do you melt chocolate chips for baking?

Baking Chocolate Melting Instructions

  • Place chocolate and oil or shortening in a microwavable bowl. Heat on high for 30 seconds, stir.
  • Continue heating in 20 – 30 seconds, stirring after each heating until melted. Don’t overheat chocolate.
  • Use as desired.

Why does chocolate chips not melt?

melt much more reluctantly than other types of chocolate, because they have less cocoa butter. They are given a specific formulation that makes them resistant against melting and also more likely to hold their shape. If a chocolate has a low (say, 30%) fat content then even after melting it’s very viscous, like tar.