Quick Answer: What Is The Best Chocolate In Europe?

The ultimate European bucket list trip for chocolate lovers

  • Choco Story, Paris, France.
  • La Maison du Chocolat, Paris France.
  • ChocoPalace Festival, Durbuy Belgium.
  • Neuhaus Belgian Chocolate, Brussels, Belgium.
  • Groovy Chocolate Tour, Brussels, Belgium.
  • Bitter & Zart, Frankfurt, Germany.
  • Teuscher, Zürich, Switzerland.
  • Sweet Zürich Tour, Zürich, Switzerland.

Which European country has the best chocolate?

Belgium is known as the best chocolate producer in the world. There are more than 10 factories and 16 chocolate museums. Wittamer, Elisabeth, Godiva, and Mary just some of them in this country that famous for chocolate.

Where is the best chocolate in the world?

Here are seven countries that make the best chocolate.

  1. Belgium. You can’t go to Belgium and not go to a chocolate shop – there are more than 2,000 throughout the country!
  2. Switzerland. Even if you haven’t been to Switzerland, you’ve probably had Swiss chocolate.
  3. Ecuador.
  4. United Kingdom.
  5. Ivory Coast.
  6. Italy.
  7. United States.

Why is chocolate better in Europe?

European chocolates, with their smoother, richer flavor, use European butter and cream, which has a higher fat content. To accentuate the smoothness of the chocolates, Europe also uses more cocoa butter, further accentuating the difference in taste.

What country is known for their chocolate?


Which country eats most chocolate?

Which Countries Eat The Most Chocolate?

  • Switzerland (19.4 pounds per capita)
  • Germany (17.8 pounds per capita)
  • Ireland (17.4 pounds per capita)
  • United Kingdom (16.8 pounds per capita)
  • Sweden (14.6 pounds per capita)

Is Swiss or Belgian chocolate better?

The Swiss chocolate has usually a smoother texture and would rather avoid using artificial emulsifiers. Swiss tend to produce milk chocolate, and in general they contain more sugar and less cocoa than Belgian chocolates, which are often dark. Belgian chocolatiers have a competitive advantage when it comes to pralines.

Is Lindt high quality chocolate?

On the other hand, the Lindt brand is manufactured by a very professional large scale chocolate factory operation, so the technical quality of their grinding, blending, conching and tempering processes appear to be very very good, which means that Lindt chocolates have a very high technical quality with a very smooth

What is the most expensive chocolate?

The 10 Most Expensive Chocolates in the World

  1. Chocopologie Chocolate Truffle by Fritz Knipschildt $2,600.
  2. Wispa Gold Chocolate by Cadbury $1,600.
  3. Le Grand Louis XVI by Debauve and Gallais.
  4. Chocolates with Edible Gold by DeLafee.
  5. Amedei Toscano Black Truffles in Swarovski Chocolate Box by the-chocolate.com.
  6. The Aficionado’s Collection by The House of Grauer.
  7. Richart.

How is Lindt chocolate so smooth?

Then in 1879, Rudolph Lindt revolutionized chocolate-making by developing a unique refinement method called “conching.” This involves constant stirring to refine the chocolate, allowing the flavor to fully develop and the texture to become smooth.

Is British chocolate better than American?

British chocolate tends to have a higher fat and cocoa content. American-made chocolate typically contains a larger dose of sugar. “According to the label, a British Cadbury Dairy Milk bar contains milk, sugar, cocoa mass, cocoa butter, vegetable fat and emulsifiers,” Severson wrote.

Is Cadbury good chocolate?

Cadbury had the most unique-tasting chocolate bar, although that wasn’t necessarily a good thing. Of course, the American version of the Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate is different from the UK version, but unfortunately we couldn’t buy the UK Cadbury from our local supermarket.

Does Cadbury chocolate taste different in different countries?

Cadbury’s chocolate most definitely does taste different in different countries. I have had Cadbury’s chocolate from the UK, Ireland, South Africa, Australia, the US and even Russia. South African is the best, followed closely by Australia. The Russian CDM was waxy dark chocolate.