Quick Answer: What Holiday Sells The Most Candy?

Easter and Christmas come in at second and third.

According to reports, one quarter of all candy sold in the U.S.

annually is bought for the Halloween holiday.

Which US holiday sees the highest candy sales?

Nearly 71 million pounds of chocolate candy is sold during the week leading up to Easter. By comparison, only 48 million pounds of chocolate candy is sold during Valentine’s week. Halloween sees the most chocolate candy sales, with nearly 90 million pounds of chocolate candy sold in the last week of October.

Which holiday sells the most candy 2018?

According to Nielsen’s point-of-sale data, about 17 percent of the candy sold each year is “seasonal” branded to be consumed during a specific holiday. Easter, surprisingly, makes up more than a third of that seasonal candy, according to the data.

Which holiday has the best candy?

Easter: The nation’s second biggest candy selling holiday. Trumped by Halloween, Easter is known as the second best-selling candy holiday in the nation. Americans spend an average of $2 billion on Halloween candy, $1.9 billion on Easter candy, $1.4 billion on Christmas candy and $1 billion on Valentine’s Day candy.

What is the first largest holiday for eating candy?

Last year, America ate its way through 693m pieces of candy branded to celebrate Easter – more specifically, 693,393,389 pieces, or two for every man, woman and child in the country. That makes Easter the US’s biggest candy season.