What Happens To Your Body After Eating Chocolate?

Besides just making you smile when you eat it, there’s lots of research around chocolate’s effects on the brain.

“Chocolate helps regulate the feel-good hormone serotonin and dopamine, and can lift mood,” Msora-Kasago says.

Researchers link cocoa to improved attention, processing speed, and memory.26 Jun 2018

What happens to your body when you eat too much chocolate?

And because of the effects on the cardiovascular system, which include a drop in blood pressure and increased heart rate, too much theobromine can be fatal. But Caldwell says that’s extremely rare. For one, he says, you would need to consume a lot of the stuff (more on that below).14 Feb 2018

How long does it take to get chocolate out of your system?

Within one to two hours, the active compounds in the cocoa are absorbed into the blood stream, and give us pleasure.1 May 2019

Is eating a lot of chocolate bad for you?

told us that it is high in calories and free sugars. This means overeating it can lead to weight gain and tooth decay. That’s not to say all chocolate is bad. So dark chocolate Easter eggs may not seem like much fun, but they are probably better for you than their milkier counterparts.16 Apr 2017

Is it OK to have a chocolate bar a day?

First, headlines that suggest we should eat two bars of chocolate a day to reduce our risk of heart disease or stroke are bitter sweet and should be given the wide berth they deserve. However, there’s no reason that you can’t still enjoy a little chocolate occasionally as part of an overall healthy, balanced diet.22 Jun 2015