Question: What Happens If You Don’t Treat Anxiety?

Untreated anxiety can lead to other mental disorders, such as depression or substance abuse.

People with anxiety, especially when not properly treated, have a higher risk of suicide or self-harm behaviors.

People with untreated anxiety may lead a life of isolation.

What happens if anxiety is left untreated?

Untreated anxiety disorders can lead to extremely negative consequences that can impact a person’s entire daily life – they may not be able to work, go to school, or have normal social relationships. People who have panic disorder may feel as though they’re suffocating, having a heart attack, and going crazy.

Can anxiety kill you?

Even though panic attacks can feel like a heart attack or other serious condition, it will not cause you to die. However, panic attacks are serious and need to be treated. If you find yourself experiencing any of these symptoms on a regular basis, it’s essential that you contact your physician for further help.

Can untreated anxiety lead to schizophrenia?

Untreated mental disorders cause shrinkage of key brain areas. Study after study show that clinical depression and anxiety disorders-not to mention severe conditions like schizophrenia and bipolar disorder and drug abuse-cause measurable changes in key areas of the brain.

Can anxiety be life threatening?

Anxiety can be unpleasant and scary but is not life threatening, even though it may feel like it is. It is also highly responsive to treatment.