Question: What Happens If I Eat Pizza Everyday?

What would happen if you ate pizza everyday?

Hours after eating, your blood sugar has come back down to normal and the food has left your stomach — which could spark your interest in that leftover slice, or dessert if you ate pizza for an early dinner.

Not everything is back to normal though — your triglycerides levels are still soaring.

Is eating pizza everyday bad for you?

There’s nothing inherently bad about pizza or even eating pizza every day per se. Talking about pizzas, no, my friend, it is bad, rather very very bad to eat pizzas everyday. I eat pizzas once in 2 months. A slice of cheese pizza contains 17.9 grams of fat which increases cholesterol level and can lead to heart attack.

Is it OK to eat pizza every once in awhile?

The truth is eating pizza once a month is not going to hurt you at all. In fact you can eat pizza once a week if you want and you’ll still be o.k. health wise. Now if you are eating junk every week and go above your calories and then eat a pizza, you’ll run into trouble.

Is it OK to eat pizza once a week?

All of the ingredient are healthy if eaten in moderation. A slice of regular crust pizza with contains 272 calories. So it is ok to have pizza once a week but with proper work out on daily basis. As long as you’re regularly working out and eating nutritious meals on rest of the days, it is fine.