Quick Answer: What Is The Height Of Nilgiri?

Who are the natives of Nilgiri Hills?

Breeks was the Commissioner of the Nilgiris and wished to make a record of the indigenous hill-tribes of the region before their way of life, customs and legends died out due to increasing western influences.

In this photograph, two men represent each of the five local tribes: Irula, Badaga, Toda, Kota and Kurumba..

Is Black Forest a block mountain?

Tectonically, the range forms a lifted fault block, which rises prominently in the west from the Upper Rhine Plain; from the east, it has the appearance of a heavily forested plateau.

What is the height of doddabetta?

2,637 mDoddabetta Peak/Elevation

Which city is called Queen of Nilgiri Hills?

It is located 86 km north of Coimbatore and 128 km south of Mysore and is the headquarters of the Nilgiris district. It is a popular hill station located in the Nilgiri Hills. Local residents call it Queen of Hills.

Where are Nilgiri Hills located?

Nilgiri Hills, mountainous region of Tamil Nadu state, southeastern India. The peaks of the Nilgiri rise abruptly from the surrounding plains to an elevation of about 6,000 to 8,000 feet (1,800 to 2,400 metres); one of them, Doda Betta (8,652 feet [2,637 metres]), is the highest point in Tamil Nadu.

Which ghats are higher?

5 Highest Peaks of Western GhatsAnamudi, The Pride of The State of Kerala.Meesapulimala, The Second Highest Peak of the Western Ghat.Doddabetta in the Nilgiri Range.Kolaribetta Peak at Mukurthi National Park.Kadikkadu Peak.

Why it is called Nilgiri Hills?

The term Nilgiris is the English equivalent of Nilagiri , Tamil for Blue Mountains. The strikingly blue colour of the hills is attributed to the clustered bloom of the mass-flowering species `Strobilanthes kunthiana’, called `Neela kurinji’ in Tamil on the hill-slopes.

Which is the largest mountain in Kerala?

Anamudi peakThe highest peak in the Western Ghats in South Asia among all peaks in western ghats, Anamudi peak is located in Kerala. It has a height of about 8842 feet (2695 metres) above sea level. The place has also earned the name of “Himalayas of the South”. It is a major tourist attraction for Munnar hill station.

Which is the biggest Ghat in Karnataka?

MullayanagiriMullayanagiri is the highest peak in Karnataka, located in the Chandra Drona Hill Ranges of the Western Ghats of the Chikmagalur Taluk. With a height of 1,930 meters, Mullayanagiri is one of the best trekking destinations in South India.

How can we save Nilgiri Mountain?

Other conservation measures suggested include preparing a tahr conservation plan; strengthening the Nilgiri tahr Alliance – a group of stakeholders such as tahr experts, tahr area mangers, local NGOs and individuals; improved and further research; reintroduction of tahr to parts of their original range; and use of …

Is Satpura a block mountain?

In India specifically the mountain ranges Satpura and Vindhya found in the central- western part of the Indian sub continent are block mountains, having formed through cracks in the earth’s crust, these ranges rose while the block of earth known as the Rift Valley depressed.

Can we climb Anamudi?

Hiking and Trekking expeditions Anamudi peak has one of the challenging and captivating trails for trekkers and adventure enthusiasts. It is 2 hours ascend from Eravikulam National Park to the peak. The trek is sure to offer a memorable experience for the adventure seekers.

Which is the second highest peak in Nilgiris?

Nilgiri MountainsView of Nilgiri Mountains and its dense rainforestsHighest pointPeakDoddabetta, Tamil Nadu, IndiaElevation2,637 m (8,652 ft)11 more rows

What is Nilgiri famous for?

Nilgiris is known for its eucalyptus oil and tea, and also produces bauxite. Some tourists are attracted to study the lifestyles of the various tribes living here or to visit the tea and vegetable plantations.

What is the height of Anamudi?

2,695 mAnamudi/Elevation

Which community is not seen in Nilgiri Hills?

Toda people are a Dravidian ethnic group who live in the Nilgiri Mountains of the Indian state of Tamil Nadu.

What is the highest plateau in the world?

Tibetan PlateauThe largest plateau in the world is the Tibetan Plateau, located in central Asia. It stretches through the countries of Tibet, China, and India and occupies an area of 2.5 million square kilometers (1.5 million square miles), which is four times the size of the U.S. state of Texas.

Which is the second largest mountain in Kerala?

List of peaks in the Western GhatsRankNameState1AnamudiKerala2MannamalaTamilnadu-Kerala.3MeesapulimalaTamilnadu-Kerala.4DoddabettaTamil Nadu72 more rows

Is Nilgiri a block mountain?

Block Mountain is an uplifted section of crust with one or more faulted boundaries. … Black Forest and Vosges Mountains are the fine examples. The Nilgiris in South India are also Block Mountains. Block Mountains are generally formed due to tensional forces.

What is Nilgiri called in English?

Nilgiri, which literally means “Blue Mountain” in many languages, may refer to: Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve, an International Biosphere Reserve in the Western Ghats and Nilgiri Hills ranges of South India. Nilgiri mountains, a range of mountains spanning the states of Tamil Nadu and Kerala in Southern India.

Which is the biggest hill in Karnataka?

MullayyanagiriMullayanagiri Hill Highest peak in Karnataka Mullayanagiri is the highest peak in Karnataka, India. Mullayyanagiri is located at 13°23′26″N 75°43′18″E in the Chandra Dhrona Hill Ranges of the Western Ghats of Chikkamagaluru Taluk.