Question: Is It OK To Eat Chocolate Occasionally?

“You’ll get the intense chocolate flavor, and you won’t be getting the extra calories and unhealthy fats.” While chocolate may have some health benefits, it should still be eaten as a treat.

“It’s not a substitute for fruits and vegetables; it’s a substitute for other discretionary calories,” says Collins.

Is it okay to eat chocolate once in awhile?

Just make sure you aren’t over doing it. Good Luck ! You can eat it every day of the week and still lose weight if you’re on a more long-term diet. Yes, absolutely but you should eat dark chocolate that actually contains good nutrients rather than milky chocolate which is not real chocolate.

Can I eat chocolate on my cheat day?

You stick to a strict diet for the whole week except for one day when you let yourself eat whatever your heart desires. Burgers, pizza, ice cream, chocolate, soft drinks, alcohol…you’re allowed to eat anything on this one day.

Is it OK to eat chocolate once a week?

Eating Chocolate At Least Once A Week Can Change Your Brain. Good news for your sweet tooth! According to a recent study, eating chocolate at least once a week can increase your cognitive ability. It’s true, you have the permission to get up and go eat some chocolate!

Is eating a piece of chocolate a day bad?

Answer: You didn’t say how much. If you eat a chocolate bunny a day, there is an obvious risk of becoming a major chubbo. However, a little chocolate has health benefits. A recent Harvard study suggested that a bit of high-quality dark chocolate one to three times a month may protect women from heart failure.