Can Sugar Affect Your Memory?

More recent studies show that sugar can also induce memory problems and neuroinflammation.

He further explained that a diet high in added sugar can not only cause weight gain and metabolic problems, but also impair brain function and cognitive ability.

Does sugar affect short term memory?

Sustained elevations in blood sugar levels, as seen in conditions including impaired glucose tolerance and diabetes, lead to a decline in cognitive functioning. These findings are owed, at least in part, to the fact that glucose affects the hippocampus — the part of the brain responsible for short-term memory.

What happens to your brain when you give up sugar?

Like drugs, sugar spikes dopamine release in the nucleus accumbens. Over the long term, regular sugar consumption actually changes the gene expression and availability of dopamine receptors in both the midbrain and frontal cortex. The brain becomes tolerant to sugar – and more is needed to attain the same “sugar high”.

Does sugar make your brain shrink?

High blood glucose levels can affect the brain’s functional connectivity, which links brain regions that share functional properties, and brain matter. It can cause the brain to atrophy or shrink.