Quick Answer: Can Chocolate Make You Feel Drunk?

Chocolate does, indeed, contain several compounds that have been shown to act on the brain in myriad ways, and most of them induce pleasure.

He’s said to have drunk goblets full of a chocolate drink called xocolatl (“bitter water”) to provide stamina for his sexual conquests [source: Blythman].

Can chocolate make you drunk?

It depends on your tolerance to alcohol as much as the alcohol content of the chocolates, though. You’re more likely to go into sugar shock (Diabetic hypoglycemia) from all the sugar in the chocolate, but you could do it. As an adult, You’d probably have to consume a hundred or so chocolates to get sufficient alcohol.

Can food make you feel drunk?

State of being food drunk

When people overeat, their bodies have the tendency to chemically change, including metabolic shifts. This can also cause a feeling of depression, emotional attachment to food, fatigue, and also boredom.

Why does sugar make me feel drunk?

Doctors don’t fully know the underlying cause of this condition, but they suspect that the food causes the body to release too much insulin. Insulin is a hormone responsible for processing blood sugar and lowering glucose levels. As a result, a person’s blood sugar levels drop too fast and they feel dizzy.

Why does chocolate make me feel high?

One chemical found in abundance in raw chocolate is tryptophan, a neurotransmitter which creates serotonin, the feel-good chemical that courses through our blood. (Other “high” inducing foods endowed with tryptophan, are dates and bananas.) And while chocolate is making you happy, it’s also nourishing your cells.